‘Hiroshima’ branding TVCM video for United Nations UNITAR


The Hiroshima office of UNITAR receives funding from Hiroshima institutions to carry out human resource development training, with many of the programmes based in Hiroshima itself. But with the head office in Geneva Switzerland and the direct beneficiaries of most of the programmes being governmental organizations in developing countries there is a perceived disconnect between the citizens of Hiroshima and the work that UNITAR is doing on their behalf.

The aim of this video then is to remedy this disconnect and emphasize that the continued success of the UNITAR Hiroshima office programmes is dependent on the support of the citizens of Hiroshima. Linking those institutions and people in Hiroshima who have supported the programmes of UNITAR in some capacity through the symbolic word ‘Hiroshima’, coupled with passing the UN flag across the video effectively visualizes this valued support.

The 15 second version was used as a television commercial and the longer version to introduce UNITAR at events and on the web.

Director, Cameraman, Editor Chris Moore