TripAdvisor/JAL || Japan regional inbound video content


Director・Drone・Editor Chris Moore

JAL and TripAdvisor announced on 11 September 2017 that they have agreed to work together in order to boost inbound tourism by international visitors coming to Japan. According to the agreement, they will jointly launch a special portal introducing Japan’s tourism resources on the website of TripAdvisor.This is the first collaboration between TripAdvisor and an airline regarding the launch of a word-of-mouth platform. The number of viewers on TripAdvisor’s pages related to Japan has increased on average by 30% annually during the four past years. Stephen Kaufer, TripAdvisor’s President & CEO, confidently said at a news conference that JAL is the best partner for TripAdvisor.

Chris Moore was the Creative Director for the initial 4 videos, working with the client and the Production Manager to make sure the video content planned bought out the best in the regions, and then with the local creator teams for 2 of the videos to ensure the shoots went smoothly. Chris was also the Director and Drone Operator for the other 2 of the videos, Tohoku/Matsushima and Saitama/Yamanashi.

Director・Drone・Editor Chris Moore


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